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Injecting organic growth - shortlisted award campaign

increase in organic website conversions
increase in non-branded organic traffic
increase in Page 1 keywords

Asterie Clinic’s campaign shows the power of building and marketing a website based on thorough data, keyword, competitor, and market analysis.

We were able to achieve 2.5x increase in the organic reach of the website in just 6 months in a competitive market and did so by completely restructuring the website from scratch and positioning it based on detailed keyword analysis & mapping.

This case study proves to marketers and clients alike that achieving organic growth in a 6-month timeframe is indeed possible, and that new business, or businesses in competitive markets need not rely on Paid Traffic, as long as they take a strategic, structured and data-driven approach to building their Organic presence, by taking inspiration from competitors, analysing what works, adding your USP’s to the mix, and finally building the best version of your website positioned optimally to generate leads.

  • Increasing conversions and driving organic traffic to the site, while reducing overall Paid Search spend
  • 48% increase in conversions from organic traffic in 6 months
  • Over 2.5x increase in conversions from organic traffic
  • Non-branded keywords improved by almost 4x
  • Almost a 4.5x increase in keywords on Page 1 over 6 months


  • Increase enquiries generated through the website
  • Increase organic reach of the website
  • Reduce reliance on Paid Search & help Asterie reduce their overall monthly expenditure


  • Deducing direct and non-direct competitors, to provide an appropriate strategy to improve Sitemap structure
  • LSI keywords limited on-page efforts, and a blog strategy implemented to rank informative blog articles
  • Website was outdated and required UX updates to improve CRO, which incl. a mega menu, translated to organic traffic growth of 168% over 6 months
  • The cosmetic industry received some negative press re: Liposuction, and action taken to uninstall, redirect, deindex liposuction procedures, and later, the decision taken to reinstall this Category giving OT a boost again
  • Legislative restrictions around use of the term “botox” which is a high search volume keyword


  • 48% increase in organic website conversions 271%
  • 271% increase in non-branded organic traffic
  • 400% increase in Page 1 keywords
  • Increased monthly Organic traffic percentage from 13% to 65%, helping client reduce their total monthly expense from $13-15k to $5k


Total Keywords Ranked on Page 1

Total Organic keywords

March 2022 (benchmark)



Aug 2022



Percentage Increase

351% increase

387% increase




Organic Traffic %

Paid Traffic %

Aug 2021 (benchmark)

390 users (13% of total)

2489 users (83% of total)

Aug 2022

1830 (65% of total)

0 (0% of total)


You’re 6 Steps Away From Dominating Google’s Search Results

Step 1: Discover

We start the process with a comprehensive discovery call to dive deep into the ins and outs of your business and understand your needs, market, competition, expectations and goals.

Step 2: Audit

We examine your existing search marketing strategy, conduct extensive keyword research and analyse the competitive landscape to identify the best strategy to increase your market share through Google.

Step 3: Forecast

With this information, we prepare a customised forecast of the growth that we can achieve by implementing our SEO & SEM strategies.

Step 4: Present

We then present our findings to you and recommend a customised plan of action that will help you achieve the best possible results from your SEO and SEM strategies.

Step 5: Launch

After we agree on the plan, it’s time to launch our fully managed end-to-end service. Sit back and let us implement our proven and tested strategies that have worked on 100+ clients.

Step 6: Report

We’ll keep you updated at every step of the way on your growth in Google’s search results with regular reporting. We’ll also keep optimising the strategy as we go based on data-driven insights.

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