Qualified Contacts - From Paid Search
7 Deals
in Progress - From Paid Search
Pipeline Value - From Paid Search

iNGENū is the FDA-centric Australian CRO championing disruptive, innovative US and global biotech firms. We are physician-led, providing access to the full spectrum of clinical and nonclinical research services. 

This year since beginning the campaign we have achieved the following results:


  • Target US based pharmaceutical and/or biotech firms who are wanting to do clinical research in Australia through Paid Search Ads.
  • Track paid search contacts and deals through HubSpot Integration to attribute ROI. 


  • The main challenge initially was checking the quality of the conversions being generated, the client was the HubSpot CRM in order to manage their leads, but was unsure which were coming from Paid Search. 
  • We were able to work with iNGENu CRO to integrate their HubSpot seamlessly, not just with Google Ads but also our reporting software that allows us to track the real ROI of our marketing campaigns.


  • Geo targeting Google Ads towards US and UK markets
  • Excluding audience types and experimenting with affinity audiences based off competitor websites
  • Regular lead quality check ins to ensure budget is being allocated to the right campaigns. 


  • 12 Qualified Contacts – From Paid Search
  • 7 Deals in Progress – From Paid Search
  • $18.46m Pipeline Value – From Paid Search

You’re 6 Steps Away From Dominating Google’s Search Results

Step 1: Discover

We start the process with a comprehensive discovery call to dive deep into the ins and outs of your business and understand your needs, market, competition, expectations and goals.

Step 2: Audit

We examine your existing search marketing strategy, conduct extensive keyword research and analyse the competitive landscape to identify the best strategy to increase your market share through Google.

Step 3: Forecast

With this information, we prepare a customised forecast of the growth that we can achieve by implementing our SEO & SEM strategies.

Step 4: Present

We then present our findings to you and recommend a customised plan of action that will help you achieve the best possible results from your SEO and SEM strategies.

Step 5: Launch

After we agree on the plan, it’s time to launch our fully managed end-to-end service. Sit back and let us implement our proven and tested strategies that have worked on 100+ clients.

Step 6: Report

We’ll keep you updated at every step of the way on your growth in Google’s search results with regular reporting. We’ll also keep optimising the strategy as we go based on data-driven insights.

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