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Increase in Conversions
Increase In Overall Traffic
Increase in Page 1 Organic Keywords

The impressive success story of Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) serves as a shining example of the power of Search Marketing for niche high-value B2B services. 

Being in a niche market like carbon offset services, we were able to get TEM in front on lucrative prospects through which they were able to land multi-million dollar deals with major airlines (their primary target market and ideal clients as per our brief), yielding an exponential return-on-investment on their Search Marketing campaigns. 

Our partnership with TEM led to an increase in their conversions by an astounding 142% which highlights the transformative power of a data-driven organic/paid growth strategy. 

Over 3 years, Tasman Environmental Markets achieved an exceptional 560% surge in overall website traffic. Their Page 1 organic keywords witnessed a staggering 52-fold increase. 

This compelling case study not only emphasises their capacity to double website traffic within a year but also highlights the significant growth opportunities through SEO within a highly competitive sector.


  • Lead generation through an organic growth SEO strategy and high-intent Google Ad Campaigns.
  • Reach companies that are trying to offset their carbon emissions.
  • Grow organic reach through non-branded keywords
  • Collobrating with TEM to make them Australia’s largest carbon offset provider.


  • Achieving page 1 results for high-difficulty national keywords
  • Limited Organic Reach
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Recognition
  • Rapid Growth Expectations


  • In-depth market research and competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities through keyword gap analysis & keyword analysis 
  • Development of an ongoing organic growth SEO strategy targeting high-intent keywords related to carbon offset services.
  • Creation of highly targeted Google Ad Campaigns that focused on reaching companies actively seeking to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • SEO Focused content calendar
  • Content Analysis & Brief
  • Page Speed Optimisation including Core Web Vitals audit & improvements
  • Strategic Off-Page SEO & link building


By addressing these challenges and implementing effective strategies, we were able to achieve remarkable results for Tasman Environmental Markets, leading to a substantial increase in conversions, website traffic, and organic keyword rankings.

  • 52 keywords ranking on Page 1 (Aug 2022) from 0 keywords ranking on Page 1 (Apr 2019)  52x increase in Page 1 organic keywords! 
  • 560% increase in overall website traffic over 2.5 years
  • Conversions YoY increased by 142% – May21-May22

Client’s Experience

Andrew & the A.P. Web Solutions team are delightful to work with. We have been using their SEO & paid ad services for some time at TEM, and they are always helpful in our regular catch-ups offering tailored digital service solutions. We have seen great organic traffic growth on our website, in-depth insights on webpage and keyword performance, and great increase in website conversions.

Thanks a lot team!

Jack, Marketing Coordinator, Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM)