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Search Google or Type a URL: Which One Should You Choose?

APWS Web Dev | Digital Agency

In the digital world, we often must decide whether to search Google or type a URL when looking for something specific on the internet.  If you’re reading this, you might…

Gauge Your Google Traffic With This Simple SEO Tool

Abrar | Digital Agency

Building up your presence online is paramount to increase your sales. Nowadays, it is not enough to be on paid, sponsored ads here and there; you need to master Google….

Google Core Algorithm Update June 2019

Abrar | Digital Agency

Updates from the Search Engine Marketing world! Core Algorithm Update June 2019 In a rare move, Google announced on 3rd June that they would be rolling out a core algorithm…

Pop-up Ads: Does Google Hate Them?

Abrar | Internet Marketing Service

The internet as we know it today wasn’t always the way it is. Advertisers saw the potential reach of the internet back in the early 90s and started using it…