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Why Do You Get Hundreds of overseas Phone Calls & Emails for SEO?

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If you own, operate or manage a business, you have most likely received hundreds of emails and phone calls from countries like India & Bangladesh offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and putting you on the first page of Google so all your troubles would go away. And these are just the ones that made their way through your Spam filter!

To understand this, let’s take a look at the journey of SEO and how often it has been searched on the Internet through the years

As you can see, it is being searched far less frequently in 2016 than it was back in 2004. This is more than likely associated with the fact that Google was advertising and marketing their brand very heavily back in 2004 to get more and more people using their Search Engine rather than Bing or Yahoo. They seem to have won that battle and essentially become the CocaCola of Search Engines.

Now, let’s take a look at WHERE most of these queries are coming from.

Even after accounting for the difference in population, it is curious that the searches for SEO are coming from countries where search engines aren’t actually used as often as they are in countries like Australia and the United States, especially to find local businesses. The same kind of trend also applied to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

The answer is because most SEO and Digital Marketing agencies based in Australia outsource their entire campaigns and work to overseas teams based in these countries. And several of these teams decide to market directly to businesses based in western countries as they realize the demand for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is high.

So how does it affect you as the business owner?

Links are a major part of the equation when it comes to Search Engine Marketing and improving your ranking. When your website is linked to another, it gets categorized as being of similar quality. Think of it as good neighbourhoods vs bad neighbourhoods.

When these links come from bad neighbourhoods (which they will if you have the same team working on hundreds of clients at a cheap rate), they will not only hurt your rankings but also damage your website’s potential for ranking in the future.

So if you have ever wondered why the SEO industry gets a bad reputation, it’s because SEO Agencies outsource their work to the overseas team, who build bad quality links to the website. The business owner is then left with a bad impression of SEO and a damaged website, while the SEO Agency moves on to find other businesses.

Moral of the story is quite simple. If someone promises to rank you for the services you provide, make sure to ask them if THEY rank for the services THEY provide.

At A.P. Web Solutions, we do not outsource ANY work overseas and believe in building your online presence on a firm foundation rather than shortcuts that do not last long-term. Contact us to find out how our SEO experts can help you dominate your industry online!

Attend Our Monthly SEO Meetups In Melbourne

By Internet Marketing Service, search engine optimization, SEO meetup events

Have you ever thought SEO was too complicated and everything you read about it makes it even more confusing?

The truth is that SEO can be simple, but not easy. First page rankings lead to traffic and traffic leads to revenue. So of course, it can’t be that easy!

If you want to learn the basics of organic traffic from the SEO experts and how you can help Google understand what your website/business is about, then check out our monthly Melbourne SEO & Internet Marketing Meetup. The events are held monthly, generally on the last Tuesday of every month at 6 pm. We make Search Engine Marketing & Internet Marketing as simple is it should be. Come along and feel free to bring a friend with you!

You can join the group and RSVP at

Here’s a short video with more details about the Meetup and what you can expect:

If you can’t make it to the next event, join the Meetup group anyway so you get alerts about our future events. The events are also a great opportunity for you to network with other business owners in the area and talk about marketing strategies, even make connections and exchange referrals.

Topics we have covered so far…

SEO 101: The Blueprint to Local SEO

At this event, we went over search engine optimization 101 that every business and website owner can understand and implement on their website. It involves helping Google understand the nature of your business, your product or service, areas you serve etc. The more clear this information is, the less confused Google will be about your business.

Check out the SEO 101 section for more videos!

Fact & Fiction of SEO

There’s a lot of noise out there in SEO! Anyone can claim to be an expert so the amount of misinformation on the Internet can render anyone wanting to learn about SEO utterly confused and overwhelmed.

SEO event and workshop in MelbourneAt this event, we covered the common myths of SEO and things you might read and hear about often, but do not actually help you rank. It’s not that these factors do not play a role at all in the algorithm, but that their weight is often insignificant and your efforts are best applied to more relevant factors that have a direct impact on your rankings.

When you get professional search engine optimisation services, these are the factors that we focus on to boost your rankings. It is only when your rankings get stuck and do not budge for a while, that you need to start looking at some of these smaller issues that could be holding you back.

Google Webmaster Tools: Tips & Tricks

There is a wealth of information available to you in your Google Search Console. This is information that Google is giving you themselves to help you improve the quality of your website. You do not want to ignore these!

At this event, we went one by one into the categories and sections in your Search Console, what each section means and how you can fix the errors if there are any.

Future Events

Do you have any suggestions for future SEO events? Is there something specific you would like to learn about search engine optimization? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know at

A.P. Web Solutions ( is a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization services for local businesses. As one of the top ranked Melbourne SEO agencies, we focus on tangible rankings, traffic and generating leads and phone calls for our clients.

What Are AMP Pages And What It Means For Your Business?

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are part of a recent update that Google has been rolling out gradually this year. So let’s be futuristic and try to figure out how this could affect your business and your website in the months to come. We wouldn’t want to be hit by a Google penalty now, would we?

picture of cute panda artIf you followed Google’s announcements at all last year, then you have likely heard about the huge Mobile-Friendly update that hit in April 2015. For those of you that didn’t have Internet at the time, this update was when Google announced that they would practically be punishing websites that weren’t mobile-friendly by lowering their positions in the search engines. The main reason they did this is because they want to ensure the best possible user experience and since more and more people are now browsing the Internet on mobile devices, Google wants to make sure that websites that aren’t easy to navigate on the phone are not be shown in the first place.

Well, the AMP update is kind of an extension to last year’s “mobilegeddon” update. AMP is merely a very condensed version of your current web pages. When you have AMP installed on your website and someone tries to view it on their mobile device, instead of loading the regular version of your site (which would take longer and consume more data), it would load the AMP version of your website, which is more user-friendly and easier to browse. These are exactly the kind of updates that we keep track of at our local SEO Melbourne agency to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Here’s what AMP Pages look like…

When 2 or more websites are competing for the same position, Google always prefers the one that provides the best experience to its users and it gauges that by how up-to-date and relevant your website is. So you’re likely to get more visibility for your business if you go AMP. If you’re ever in a position where you can’t understand why the traffic you’re getting to your website is not converting, ask yourself if your viewers are having a hard time finding the information they’re looking for. Is your site easy to navigate through? Is the Call Us button prominent and easy to find, if you even have one? Is there a Find Us button that gives them instant directions? Consider getting an expert’s take on what your website looks like and how it can be improved to attract and convert prospects into paying customers. Click here to find out more.

At the end of the day, traffic is only as good as the sales it converts into. The more user-friendly your site is, the more Google will reward you with organic traffic. And as far as your website’s health is concerned, organic is always better.

Can’t be bothered following Google’s ever-changing rules and algorithms? Hire an SEO consultant and let us take care of it for you. A.P. Web Solutions offers SEO services with guaranteed rankings. See for more information!

5 Tips To Find The Right Digital Marketing Agency

By Internet Marketing Service, search engine optimization, seo tips

Finding the right digital marketing agency can be tricky business. You need to find one that is the right fit and trustworthy to work with. Most important, one that will actually deliver on their promises.

However, internet marketing can be difficult to wrap your head around and how do you gauge the difference in quality when the services involved are intangible and not easy to understand? In this article, we will cover the pitfalls of selecting the right SEO and digital marketing agency and avoiding the common mistakes. Although the following points are more specific to SEO, they apply to other internet marketing services as well such as social media consulting and paid traffic marketing.

Avoid SEO Agencies That Offer Menu Pricing

Any Company that offers fixed amount pricing for various “packages” is basically implying that the amount of effort that goes into ranking a local barber shop’s website is the same as a large national company going after a MUCH bigger market. So if you think that someone can increase your revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars by charging you $500 per month, think again!

an SEO consultant in Perth can help your business be found on GoogleSEO companies that intend to deliver on their promise are likely to customize your fee depending on your circumstances in the same way that your doctor or surgeon would charge you based on the extremity of the problem they are solving. You can generally get a free SEO report for your website and make a decision based on the information presented you in the report.

Check Their Google Rankings

Make sure they have MULTIPLE first page rankings for themselves or their clients. Every marketing agency can make claims but can they back it up with actual results in competitive markets? If they can’t, what makes you think they can get results for you?

Internet Marketing is NOT For Your IT Team

Don’t rely on your “IT guy/team” for your online marketing decisions. Just because someone works around computers does not mean they know the first thing about Search Engine Optimization. Of course, for their own job security, they’re not likely to admit it. But that’s the truth. Because if they did, you would be on the first page already.

Online marketing is its own separate industry and to get good results, you will need to invest in an SEO expert Perth who has experience with generating organic traffic.

Avoid Outsourcing Overseas

Make sure the actual work being done on your website is not being OUTSOURCED. Most firms do this (understandably to keep their costs down) but the quality of SEO work done in India or Philippines is so poor that it will eventually hurt your website more than anything. Once your website is penalized, it is extremely hard and time-consuming to revive. It’s always good to know who exactly is doing work on your website.

Check Their Referrals & Reputation

Choose someone who is a full-time professional. Due to the low barrier to entry in this profession, any person who reads a few blogs, watches a few YouTube videos and buys a $20 eBook online can call himself an expert while working a full-time job at McDonald’s to pay their bills. If they’re not skilled enough to, at least, sustain their costs entirely from an SEO business, then what are the odds they can increase YOUR revenue?

A.P. Web Solutions is an online marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. We also operate in Perth (Western Australia) and have several clients based in the city. Contact us for Perth SEO services.

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Dave Collins
Dave Collins
22:50 02 Apr 20
The team at AP Web Solutions have done what other SEO companies could never achieve for us...Genuine Page One SEO Results for our business. We came to the team after false starts at 3 well established SEO firms looking for help and were a bit unsure if they could get us onto page one, but in a matter of months, we're on page one for almost all of our keywords. I can't recommend Abrar and the team highly enough. Delightful to deal with and exceptional results - a rare combination!Dave CollinsDirectorANGRYchair Video Productions
Perry Henderson
Perry Henderson
22:33 03 Aug 19
After working in the digital marketing space for 6 years, I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different marketing specialists. Abrar and the team at A. P. Web Solutions are amongst the very best I have come across. As a current client, I have never been more impressed with a supplier... from customer service to performance my experience has been world class.Thank you so much for everything to date and I look forward to a bright future working together with you and your team.Perry Henderson - Director, Missing Link Social Media.
Brad Volling
Brad Volling
03:19 02 Aug 19
Abrar & his team took over our account at our request a few months ago. They have demonstrated total professionalism & expertise in re-engineering our Adwords Campaigns & the results have been virtually instant. Their recommendations have delivered immediate & significant growth in sales inquiries. It is a pleasure to work with them & I can highly recommend AP Web Solutions to any business seeking a web marketing presence.Brad V, Creative Director, Permit Plans Studio
James McLoughlin
James McLoughlin
03:05 31 Jul 19
Abrar performed an SEO audit and one day training session for the organisation I work for. We implemented many of his priorities, through significant effort, and our Organic Users increased by 700%.Abrar is sincere, well priced and incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Christian Pegrum
Christian Pegrum
03:40 28 Jun 19
We have been using AP Web Solutions for 3 months now after using 2 prior SEO & Adwords companies, 1 of which was a huge Digital Agency. I can say that Abrar and his team have delivered significant improvements to our business already with quality lead generation in key focus areas. It's great to finally find a Digital Solutions agency where you feel like you are more than just a number, you are a valued customer and AP Web Solution listen with a view of delivering the results you are looking for.Christian Pegrum - Director of Climatise Pty Ltd & BGAPS Pty Ltd
Emma Truong
Emma Truong
00:14 04 Jun 19
Rylock windows & doors has been working with A.P. Web Solutions for 1 year and we've experienced strong, positive increases in our web rankings across various keywords. They have followed a methodical procedure to support us in our SEO strategy to date and we soon plan to increase our scope with them to include PPC and Remarketing. I highly recommend the team at A.P Web Solutions, they are a strong, results driven business partner.
Julia Landberg
Julia Landberg
05:30 27 May 19
Great people at A.P. Web Solutions! They have taken us to the top spots on Google and made sure we stay there. Not only do they deliver what is promised, but also communicate the statistics in a clear way with us so we know how to move forward and make the most out of our SEO and ads. We have seen an increase in traffic and enquirers about classes, and most of our clients have found us via Google. Being an acting institution in Melbourne with lots of competition, it's important for us to be found easily. A.P Web Solutions has definitely help us with this! Julia from Acting Performance Studio
Kate James
Kate James
03:24 20 May 19
AP Web Solutions were incredibly helpful in resolving some of our SEO questions. The services was prompt and professional and they are great communicators. Highly recommended.
Stuart Cooke
Stuart Cooke
02:49 17 May 19
It's great to finally find an expert in the online space (SEO, Google Adwords, PPC) that actually deliver. Abrar and his team at A.P. Web Solutions are an asset to our business and provide us with the confidence to grow in the online space.Stuart CookeManaging Director180 Nutrition
Sancss Australia
Sancss Australia
11:03 16 May 19
We can't recommend the team from A.P. Web Solutions highly enough. They have gone far and above our expectations delivering amazing service and even better results.
Kylie - Ann Kobelt
Kylie - Ann Kobelt
10:10 16 May 19
There’s SEO people then there is AP Solutions. Taking the time to be the difference for your website. ( I have had a few different groups) certainly deserving of my review. In fact my pleasure.
Aaron Major
Aaron Major
08:38 16 May 19
I approached Abrar 7 months ago in relation to setting up Google Adwords and looking after our SEO. The results we are seeing so far are nothing short of amazing. We had barely any website traffic with little to no phone enquiries, maybe 2-3 a month. It's now rare for us to go a day without receiving 2-3 website and phone enquiries. Can't speak highly enough of the service we have received to date! Abrar and his team are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Look forward to seeing what we can achieve over the next 12 months.
Bec McBride
Bec McBride
04:31 13 Apr 18
We have had excellent results from Abrar - we now rank in top 5 of Google for our main keywords and he delivers what is promised. A pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend AP Web Solutions. Thank you Abrar
Daryl Maddern
Daryl Maddern
20:50 26 Mar 18
We have been working with Abrar from A.P. Web Solutions for a few years now. Before we started working with Abrar, we couldn’t get any higher than page three on google. We very quickly moved to page one and these days are consistently in the top three listings. If you want more people seeing your website, I would definitely recommend A.P. Web Solutions for your SEO.
Irwin Hau
Irwin Hau
07:28 09 Feb 18
Abrar and his team have a real upfront SEO approach and give confidence by providing both example results and most importantly real tips that can be applied from the get-go. As a web agency ourselves, we love working with specialists and that's exactly what these guys are, absolute specialists in search engine marketing. Their services for our clients have helped move stagnant keywords to the top, and with the personal contact and care for communication and transparency really makes this SEO agency a real standout. Love the commitment and would be more than happy to recommend for anyone needing more ranking visibility on Google.
Sarah Levesque
Sarah Levesque
14:52 21 Jan 18
Thank you for your help with our website. It has been a great experience and we're finally using the site as more than just a brochure. Just got our first sale ever from the website after 4 years of having it up. Thanks Abrar, will be in touch in the next quarter as we discussed.
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
06:01 31 Dec 17
We hired Abrar and A.P. Web Solutions to build a very complicated website for us. We needed everything from design to SEO. They were able to handle everything we needed at a very reasonable price. The site is fantastic and we get compliments about it all the time. Our website has brought us more work than we anticipated and I will gladly refer our friends and family to A.P. Web Solutions. We are completely satisfied with our experience.
Reiseimeiry Fleiyd
Reiseimeiry Fleiyd
16:41 14 Sep 17
We have been working with this company for nearly a year now and are very satisfied with their search engine optimization. We have had in house SEO specialists in the past but could never get to the top in our industry and decided to go with a company that is ranking for SEO in Melbourne. We have finally been able to reduce our paid advertising expenses as a result of the work they have done with our rankings.
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