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Google Core Algorithm Update June 2019

Abrar | Digital Agency

Updates from the Search Engine Marketing world! Core Algorithm Update June 2019 In a rare move, Google announced on 3rd June that they would be rolling out a core algorithm…

Pop-up Ads: Does Google Hate Them?

Abrar | Internet Marketing Service

The internet as we know it today wasn’t always the way it is. Advertisers saw the potential reach of the internet back in the early 90s and started using it…

SEO Update Jan 2018 – Google’s Page Speed Announcement

Abrar | search engine optimization

On 17th January 2018, Google announced an upcoming update that will supposedly come into effect in July 2018 and will affect rankings directly. They are calling it… “The Speed Update” Now,…

Google Updates: Security Warnings HTTPS & Google My Business Posts

Abrar | Internet Marketing Service

There have been 2 main updates from Google this month: Google’s Security Warning You MAY have received an E-mail from Google recently about the importance of securing your website with…