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Google Ad Grants Management

Fuel Your Non-Profit Mission with a Google Ads Grant
Take advantage of a $13k AUD monthly worth of free clicks with Google’s search advertising grant and grow your mission awareness.

Drive Traffic from Google Ads for Free

Imagine accessing up to AU$13,000 worth of monthly clicks through Google Search for free.

These are the same clicks private companies pay top dollar for. However, eligible nonprofits can get them for free with the Google Ad Grants program.

It’s your key to growing awareness for your cause and securing more donations, leads, and sponsors.

Let’s Maximise Your Google Ads Grant

Think of Google Ads Grant as a gift card for advertising on Google.

As a non-profit, you can use it to display ads when people search for something related to your cause and get clicks for free.

At A.P. Web Solutions, we know how to help you leverage your grant effectively by getting as many clicks as possible within the allocated budget.


From SMB’s to national household name brands, from straightforward local campaigns to ultra-complex & custom projects

Entourage Finance

Rising with interest rates - award-winning SEO & SEM campaign!

increase in organic conversions
increase in non-branded organic traffic
increase in Page 1 keywords
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Diamonds Camera

From local store to national eCommerce brand

increase in total website revenue/sales
increase in organic revenue/sales
increase in Page 1 keywords
View Case Study

Asterie Clinic

Injecting organic growth - shortlisted award campaign

increase in organic website conversions
increase in non-branded organic traffic
increase in Page 1 keywords
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Organic pain relief - award-winning SEO & SEM campaign!

increase in appointments booked through website
increase in total website conversions
increase in organic traffic
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Intuitive Finance

Capital Gains - award-winning SEO campaign!

increase in organic traffic
increase in in conversions
increase in organic traffic to key service pages
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Increase in Conversions
Increase In Overall Traffic
Increase in Page 1 Organic Keywords
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This is how we do it

Our Data-Driven Approach to Google Ad Grant Management

Step 1: Discover

We start the process with a comprehensive discovery call to dive deep into the ins and outs of your business and understand your needs, expectations and goals.

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Step 2: Audit

We’ll help you apply for the Google Ads Grant or reactivate your account. We’ll ensure all the necessary information is in order to meet Google’s requirements.

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Step 3: Forecast

Next, we’ll analyse your existing Google Ads strategy, perform keyword research, and evaluate the competitive landscape to identify the most strategic keywords to target.

Step 4: Present

We’ll then present our findings to you and provide a custom strategy that aligns with your nonprofit’s goals and the Google Ad Grant guidelines.

Step 5: Launch

After we agree on the plan, it’s time to launch our fully managed end-to-end service and use our expertise to guarantee effective campaign management.

Step 6: Report

We monitor your campaigns, making adjustments as needed, and keep you informed about the performance of your Google Ad Grant campaign.

How are we different from other agencies?

A.P. Web Solutions

  • Realistic, measurable goals with transparent KPIs & milestones.
  • Account Managers have high-level knowledge of strategy + implementation & are actively involved in the project.
  • Directly deal with experienced Specialists & Account Managers who have years of experience specifically with Search Marketing.
  • Customised & bespoke pricing structure for your unique circumstances, taking into account critical variables.
  • A thorough & structured multi-step scoping & due-diligence process before you sign up to ensure fitment, expectations & targets.
  • Clearly defined roadmap (6 months, 12 months) with targets, responsibilities, benchmarks & milestones to track progress.
  • Collaborative organisational structure that allocates 3-5 resources for every account (depending on size of account).


Other Agencies

  • Meaningless guarantees - read the fine print in your contract.
  • Account Managers who are essentially middlemen & answer advanced questions with “I’ll check & get back to you on that”.
  • “Digital Strategists” (fancy term for salespeople) who make promises, sign you up on contracts & hand you over to junior team members.
  • Menu pricing & packages that do not take into account important variables that can make or break your campaign.
  • Signing you up as soon as possible without any research, analysis or discussion about current positioning & targets.
  • Going month-to-month with no particular direction or targets. Generic workflow and process applied to all projects.
  • Underpaid (& overworked) service staff (who do the work) & overpaid sales staff (who sell you guarantees & contracts).

Customised SEM Solutions

No more one-size-fits-all “packages.” We offer tailored SEM solutions that fit your needs. Our expertise, on your terms.

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Ongoing Google Ads Management (most popular)

Sit back and let us take care of everything from A to Z so you can focus on your business. We’ll keep you updated with detailed reporting.
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One-off Google Ads Audit

New to Google Ads or want to start fresh? We’ll set everything up from scratch and hand you the reigns of your account once it's ready to hit the ground running.
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One-off Google Ads Setup

New to Google Ads or want to start fresh? We’ll set everything up from scratch and hand you the reigns of your account once it's ready to hit the ground running.
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Comprehensive Audit + Roadmap

Ideal for in-house marketing teams. We'll audit your SEM account, perform market share & competitor analysis and deliver a roadmap to implement over 6-12 months.
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No Holds Barred

We treat your business as our own. We hold nothing back. Our premium services are designed for businesses ready to go all-in with SEM and Paid Traffic!
Our Clients

From SMB’s to ASX-listed companies, we’ve worked with 153+ clients big & small

Succeed With a Google Ad Grants Consultant

As part of the Google Ad Grant program, Google expects high-quality, well-managed ads – and a set-and-forget approach can lead to account suspension.

That’s where we come in.

Our dedicated consultant will guide you through program approval, set up your Google NFP Ads account and manage your campaign while ensuring compliance.

Get in touch with us to maximise the impact of your grant.

Work With Certified Google Partners

At A.P. Web Solutions, we are Certified Google Partners.

We’ve worked with several Australian nonprofit organisations to manage their Google Ad Grants and help them maximise the impact of their mission.

We know how to navigate the intricacies of Google Ad Grants Australia and we can help you leverage yours.

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Maxamise Your Roi

We Cover Every Aspect of Google Ads Grants

  • Google NFP Ads Account Setup
  • Nonprofit Eligibility
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Market Analysis & Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic Campaign Structure
  • Accurate Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Engaging Ad Copywriting
  • Ad Placement and Bid Strategy
  • Bi-weekly (sometimes daily) Search Term Monitoring
  • Negative Keyword Additions
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Accurate Lead Attribution
  • Demographic Optimisation (age, gender, income range)
  • A/B Testing
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Remarketing Strategies
  • Location Targeting and Geofencing
  • Ad Scheduling and Dayparting
  • Testing Google Beta Products (Partner benefit)

APWS Core 4 Values


What is the Google Ads Grant program?

The Google Ads Grant program provides eligible nonprofit organisations with up to AU$ 13,000 per month in free advertising credit to promote their mission and reach a wider online audience on Google. To qualify for this generous grant, your organisation must be an approved member of the Google for Nonprofits program and hold a valid charitable status in Australia.

What is Google Ads management?

Simply put, Google Ads management is the process of managing your Google Ads campaigns. It can be done by you or by an SEM agency like us. Google Ads management includes setting up your campaigns, strategic planning, keyword research, audience targeting, monitoring your campaigns and optimising them for better ROI, among other things.

What results can I expect from Google Ads?

With a well-done Google Ads strategy, you can reach your potential customers at the exact moment when they’re searching for products or services similar to yours. You can catch them while their interest is at its peak! And as you do so consistently, you’ll see a significant increase in your website traffic and conversions.

How much does Google Advertising cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Your ad spend will depend on many factors, such as the competition for the keywords you’re targeting, the relevance of your ads and audience targeting. At A.P. Web Solutions, we work with you to create a customised Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) strategy that aligns with your needs and ensures the best ROI without going over your budget.

Do Google Ads impact SEO?

No. Paid ads don’t directly impact your organic search rankings. But they can impact it indirectly. In fact, PPC and SEO should work together to create a comprehensive strategy that improves the rankings and authority of your site. Running Google Ads will help you gain insights you can use to improve your on-page SEO.

How do I choose a Google Ads agency in Melbourne?

Finding the right agency for you will depend on what you’re looking for. You need to consider things like their expertise, track record and concrete results. Ideally, you want to work with a specialised agency that has experience ranking for competitive keywords in your industry and location.

Your Marketing Powerhouse Without The In-House Cost

We’re an extension of your marketing team – specialised marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what you can expect when you get in touch:

Discovery Session
An introductory call to learn more about your business, services/products. marketing history & most importantly, your marketing goals & objectives.
Comprehensive Audit
A comprehensive audit of your website, competitors, current positioning & gaps.
Customised Strategy
Our customised strategy along with pricing, milestones & performance metrics we will monitor along the way to ensure we’re on track to hit our targets.