Step 1: Keywords

First, we conduct thorough keyword research to find the most targeted and cost-effective keywords we can target for your business. We set up a meeting to go through this list and recommend how many Campaigns we should run and what your Ad spend should be to get an ROI.

Step 2: Website & Landing Page Optimisation

Running Google Ads (or any paid traffic) without optimising your landing pages is a waste of valuable clicks and dollars. We will make sure your landing pages are optimised to convert traffic into leads!

Step 3: Conversion Tracking

Through Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager, we will track exactly how many people are clicking on your phone number, filling out contact forms or buying your products so we know which campaigns are working most effectively & continue to improve upon those that aren’t.

PPC Management Agency

Google Ads, also known as Adwords are an excellent way of generating phone calls and leads for your business.

When it comes to digital marketing for your business, it is always advisable to have multiple sources of traffic and leads. If you are relying on only one source of traffic for your leads, your business could get in trouble if that channel were to suddenly stop working.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one way to get leads online that tends to work much faster than others. While search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get organic traffic, it can take several months to work and get the results you are paying for. But with PPC, you get instant clicks and calls if you set up everything the right way.

If you have ever seen the Google Adwords dashboard, you probably know how overwhelming it can be to set up the campaigns, the Ad copy, the targeting and then manage the Ads on an ongoing basis. This involves monitoring the CTR (click through ratios), the Ad rank, Sitelinks, call to actions and much more!

Let’s face it! As a business owner, you don’t have the time to manage your Ads and if you have tried doing so by using Adwords Express, you have probably felt the financial sting of rushing through it.

Adwords Management Services

Instant Results

With PPC, you start getting clicks and calls within days of setting up your campaigns, sometimes within hours. For you, this means a quicker ROI on your investment.

Measurable Results

We can track exactly which keywords are getting you the best clicks and calls which helps us improve your conversion rate and ROI over time.

You're in Control

Ultimately, you have full control on your campaigns. From bidding limits to total spending limits, you Ad spend will never go over your set budget.

Common Questions about Google Adwords

What is the difference between SEO and Google Ads?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to get more Organic traffic to your website, whereas Google Ads (or PPC marketing) consists of Paid traffic.
Increasing Organic traffic is a slower process that requires time and patience, whereas Paid traffic generates results much quicker.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads?

Advantages: Quick results, guaranteed clicks and advanced targeting methods.
Disadvantages: Unlike Organic traffic, results do not build exponential over time. When you stop spending with Google, you stop getting clicks.

How many types of Ads does Google offer?

You’re probably most aware of the Search (text-based) Ads that appear on Google when your potential clients or customers are searching for your product or service. However, Google Ads also several other types of Ads that can grow your reach, including Display Ads, Shopping Ads and Video (YouTube) Ads.

What are Display, Video and Shopping Ads?

Display and Video (YouTube) Ads are excellent options for businesses who want to grow their brand awareness and use Google’s vast database of targeted audiences to make their Ads shown to the right people in the right place at the right time.
Shopping Ads are meant for E-commerce businesses and help your Ads stand out visually.

How much should I spend on Google Ads?

This depends on the keywords, audiences and locations you want to target. As part of our complimentary analysis process, we use a forecasting tool to accurately analyse the availability of traffic in your niche & target location.
We present this PPC forecast and work out how many clicks, impressions and conversions your campaign can receive. Most importantly, we can estimate your ROI by calculating your approximate cost per conversion (or cost per lead).

What are the next steps if I want to explore Google Ads?

When you first get in touch, we will learn more about your business, goals, target keywords, location and more. Once we have a firm understanding of what this involves, we will conduct a thorough analysis to assess traffic availability & cost.
We will then recommend an Ad spend budget and work out a timeline for your campaign.

How much does Google Adwords Management service cost?

We have a campaign setup fee and a monthly management fee. These fees depend on the number of Traffic Networks we target in your campaign. To learn more about our Adwords management pricing, call us at 1300 780 112!

Why do I need a professional to manage my Google Ads campaigns? Why shouldn’t I do it all myself?

Google Ads is a very sophisticated marketing tool. PPC specialists with years of experience still learn new things every day about how the algorithm operates. To perform at its best, your campaigns require frequent supervision, keyword adjustments, bid management, split testing and a lot more!

Do you recommend SEO or Google Adwords?

It depends entirely on your business goals, your marketing strategy, your budget and your expectations. If you need to get quick results, Google Adwords would be the ideal solution. If you want to invest in the longevity of your business, SEO will be a better long-term plan.
One is not better than the other. They both complement each other. A business with the perfect Search Engine Marketing strategy should engage both channels to maximise their visibility on search engines.

Some of our Adwords Clients

Google Partners Adwords Agency

That is where we come in. We offer PPC management services and our local PPC expert can help to set up and manage all your Adwords campaigns. We work locally in Melbourne so you can rely on open and transparent communication. Our goal is to maximize your returns so you keep investing as you get more business! We grow as you grow!

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