Major Landmarks You Must See In Melbourne

Melbourne is a bustling city and there is so much to see and do that even residents haven’t had a chance to see it all yet. However, as a first-time visitor to this vibrant place, these are three prominent landmarks that must be on your sightseeing list.

Flinders Street Railway Station

picture of flinders st building in melbourne australiaThis majestic building which is located right in the heart of the city is still an active railway station. However, the building, which dates back to the early 1900s, has a stunning architecture which makes it well worth the visit. Acting as the heart of the city, it is located right next to Federation Square which is host to several events and festivals throughout the year and also where the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks take place. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in Australia and certainly the most important landmark in the city of Melbourne.

Inside Flinders St Station, you will find some shops and places to eat, but it is the design of the building itself which is its true draw card. Make sure you check out the row of clocks at the front of the building which has featured in many famous photos about the station.

Queen Victoria Market

picture of night market festival at queen vic marketThis market has been around a little longer than the railway station and dates back to the late 1800s. It is also located in the heart of Melbourne city, just off Queen Street.

Queen Victoria Market is a major tourist attraction both for those who like to shop and those who like to eat. Filled with stalls tended to by market sellers, tourists can get quite the bargain when it comes to the usual touristy items required. However, other pieces of treasure can also be found among the souvenir t-shirts if you look hard enough.

Food lovers will enjoy a trip to this historic site not only for the cooked food stalls that can be found throughout the sheds, but also to see the massive array of fresh food items on offer. Seafood, fruit, and vegetables are all available for purchase if you’re looking to top up your holiday diet with some fresh foods. Queen Victoria market also has an annual food festival which goes on for 7 days and is loved by the locals.

Arts Centre Spire & Shrine of Remembrancepicture of the shrine of remembrance

If you have a love of art as well as architecture, then you cannot miss out on visiting the Arts Centre located not too far from the Yarra river. The spire that stands above the center rises high into the air, and at night is lit up like a magnificent specter. Within the arts center, you can see everything from ballet to musicals, kids show to art exhibitions. This landmark has everything for those who love culture.

It is not hard to fill in a trip to Melbourne because there is plenty to see and do. The best part is just grabbing your camera and starting to wander the streets to find the things that appeal most to you. There will always be something leftover though that will draw you back to Melbourne for another visit another time.