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Grow With Inbound B2B Lead Generation

With consumers gaining more marketing awareness, traditional B2B online lead generation methods like outbound messaging and cold emailing are slowly dying.

People no longer want to be sold to, nor do they want to be convinced to buy.  Nowadays, they’re seeking to build genuine connections with brands.

That’s where inbound marketing lead generation comes in.

By creating targeted content that your audience finds helpful, you can attract more leads to your brand and convert them into customers without having to convince them to buy.

A.P. Web Solutions is a lead generation company that knows how to create ultra-targeted content, which ultimately results in more qualified leads, customers, and revenue for you – on autopilot.

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Lead Generation Agency in Melbourne Specialising in High-Quality Inbound Leads

How good are inbound leads? Imagine having a proven system of generating high-quality leads on autopilot – these are people actively looking for your products or services! 

But while they’re doing their research online (as you probably are right now), they need to find a trusted partner. This digital journey (intent -> research & deliberation -> comparison -> enquiry) is one we understand very well.

That is how we have put together a system of generating high-quality leads for businesses who do not have the time or inclination to do an endless amount of testing themselves. Our inbound lead-gen services and system are plug-and-play!

Our Clients


From SMB’s to national household name brands, from straightforward local campaigns to ultra-complex & custom projects

Entourage Finance

Rising with interest rates - award-winning SEO & SEM campaign!

increase in organic conversions
increase in non-branded organic traffic
increase in Page 1 keywords
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Diamonds Camera

From local store to national eCommerce brand

increase in total website revenue/sales
increase in organic revenue/sales
increase in Page 1 keywords
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Asterie Clinic

Injecting organic growth - shortlisted award campaign

increase in organic website conversions
increase in non-branded organic traffic
increase in Page 1 keywords
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Organic pain relief - award-winning SEO & SEM campaign!

increase in appointments booked through website
increase in total website conversions
increase in organic traffic
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Intuitive Finance

Capital Gains - award-winning SEO campaign!

increase in organic traffic
increase in in conversions
increase in organic traffic to key service pages
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Increase in Conversions
Increase In Overall Traffic
Increase in Page 1 Organic Keywords
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How are we different from other agencies?

A.P. Web Solutions

  • Realistic, measurable goals with transparent KPIs & milestones.
  • Account Managers have high-level knowledge of strategy + implementation & are actively involved in the project.
  • Directly deal with experienced Specialists & Account Managers who have years of experience specifically with Search Marketing.
  • Customised & bespoke pricing structure for your unique circumstances, taking into account critical variables.
  • A thorough & structured multi-step scoping & due-diligence process before you sign up to ensure fitment, expectations & targets.
  • Clearly defined roadmap (6 months, 12 months) with targets, responsibilities, benchmarks & milestones to track progress.
  • Collaborative organisational structure that allocates 3-5 resources for every account (depending on size of account).


Other Agencies

  • Meaningless guarantees - read the fine print in your contract.
  • Account Managers who are essentially middlemen & answer advanced questions with “I’ll check & get back to you on that”.
  • “Digital Strategists” (fancy term for salespeople) who make promises, sign you up on contracts & hand you over to junior team members.
  • Menu pricing & packages that do not take into account important variables that can make or break your campaign.
  • Signing you up as soon as possible without any research, analysis or discussion about current positioning & targets.
  • Going month-to-month with no particular direction or targets. Generic workflow and process applied to all projects.
  • Underpaid (& overworked) service staff (who do the work) & overpaid sales staff (who sell you guarantees & contracts).
Our Clients

From SMB’s to ASX-listed companies, we’ve worked with 153+ clients big & small

APWS Core 4 Values


What is inbound lead generation and how is it different from outbound lead generation?

Inbound lead generation is attracting potential customers by creating valuable content and experiences that draw them to your brand. It’s different from outbound lead generation, where you actively reach out to prospects. With inbound, you bring customers in naturally, like a powerful magnet.

How are you going to generate leads?

This varies on a case-by-case basis. We will first get on a call with you to discuss your business and how it fits with our proven inbound lead-generation system.

If it is a good fit, we will then put together a plan of action and forecast our results. Our methodology will involve researching what your ideal clients or customers are searching on Google, and directing them to a high-conversion landing page.

We have been working with Abrar and AP Web Solutions for around 18 months now on our SEO and Google Ads. Since commencing with the team we've seen fantastic organic growth in terms of site visitors. Best of all we are seeing MoM growth in the leads we are generating and converting to sales. I would recommend Abrar and the team for other service based businesses looking to improve their SEO, grow their reach and get quality guidance, advice and support.

01 Chantelle Doulis, Marketing Manager - Entourage Finance

Every experience with AP has been really positive. We have experienced greatly improved results in our SEO and an increase in leads in our SEM since commencing with A.P Web Solutions late last year which has definitely helped to build our pipeline and increase sales. Our account manager is attentive and responsive and has added significant value to our business. Our regular monthly meetings ensures we remain on track by tweaking the approach as our segment focus changes. You will get outstanding value by choosing A.P. Web solutions

02 Pete Reinke, CEO - RAMP Holdings

AP Web Solutions were great for us. We had some below par experiences with SEO agencies prior to finding them and they really impressed us. The team laid out a plan, implemented and we got great results soon after. Highly recommend!

03 Mathew McGovern, Director - Beam Health

AP Web Solutions are what I would describe as a A class marketing agency. Our business have employed their services for SEO, Google Ad Words and Bing PPC and our results continue to scale at remarkable rates. Their response to changing strategies has been wonderful and working with the team has been a wonderful experience. They're extrmely friendly, yet are complete professionals who remain at the top of their field and keep up to changing strategies. 100% recommend this agency to anyone needing a digital agency.

04 Yunus Deniz, Marketing Coordinator - First 5 Minutes


Create ultra-targeted and valuable content that attracts more people to your brand and turn your website into a goldmine of ready-to-convert leads.

Your Marketing Powerhouse Without The In-House Cost

We’re an extension of your marketing team – specialised marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what you can expect when you get in touch:

Discovery Session
An introductory call to learn more about your business, services/products. marketing history & most importantly, your marketing goals & objectives.
Comprehensive Audit
A comprehensive audit of your website, competitors, current positioning & gaps.
Customised Strategy
Our customised strategy along with pricing, milestones & performance metrics we will monitor along the way to ensure we’re on track to hit our targets.