What You Need To Know About Search Engine Algorithm Updates

If you have a website or want to build one, then you need to know about algorithm updates. The way Google ranks websites is based on how their algorithm works. Each website has to meet a number of conditions to do well in search engine results. What works for a website isn’t always going to stay the same.

Look at the stats for your website on a regular basis. The best stat analysis setup is to use Google Analytics because you don’t have to pay anything for it and it works well with Google. You can see how people get to your page by reading the keywords, and you can also figure out if traffic is dropping due to algorithm changes. If you notice a large decline in traffic, then it’s probably due to the fact that Google as applied an update.

Penguin Recovery Services

Hire a penalty removal Melbourne expert to help you get your website back to where it was if there was a Penguin penalty applied to your website because of updates to the search engine. Before you hire anyone, make sure you ask if they have done this kind of work in the past and if that’s the case they need to be able to show you proof. If they have a reference website or two you can look at that would be ideal. Sometimes websites will change over time but if you look up Internet Archives there may be a chance you can see a snapshot of the website around the time it was updated.

Find a source for SEO news that is updated at least once a week. Then if there are any algorithm changes coming up, you can learn what they aim to do and can optimize your page to avoid any problems. Before you trust that a news source is legitimate, make sure you look up what you can about the changes that are going to happen through other sources just in case the first one you checked got something wrong so you are not wasting your time on updates that don’t need to be made.

Link Removal Services

If you have been burnt by bad quality search engine marketers before, then it is likely that the poor quality of work has affected your website in a way that prevents it from being visible to your potential customers. This means that you need to undo some of the work that they did, specifically removing links to your website that make it appear more suspicious. Removing links is a job that must be carried out cautiously so that your website can be restored back to its original status.

Panda Recovery

Yet another kind of penalty imposed on websites is called the Panda penalty. Recovering from this involves making changes to your website intelligently and then submitting it for reconsideration. You probably are not going to know exactly what an algorithm change does to results unless you do some research on the matter and test a few different things first. It’s important that you try to make small changes, see if they work, and then keep moving on from there. Don’t try to just try making large changes that make your website totally different in the long run. If you do go this route, at least, make a backup of your website in case what you do doesn’t work or makes your ranking worse.

When you want to work on recovering from search engine penalties that have to do with how much traffic your website gets. If you don’t update your website after algorithm changes, you can kiss any good rankings goodbye. Don’t let your traffic dwindle and implement what you’ve gone over here.