Recommended Suburbs To Stay In Perth When Visiting


Perth WA is a growing economy and Australia’s largest city on the west coast. If you’re thinking about visiting or staying in Perth for a while and you’re not too fond of the CBD life, consider staying in the suburbs. There are a lot of options to choose from and depending on your preferences, the suburban Perth life might be quite enjoyable. These are some of the suburbs that make Perth in Western Australia worth visiting!

Bicton & Apple

Suburbs like Bicton and Apple cross are great places to live. They are extremely pretty and very leafy but the rent is very high. It is a short drive from the city however during rush hour traffic is pretty bad on Canning Highway. It’s great if you are not on a schedule.


South Perth

picture of south perth pier
There is South Perth which is full of apartments and has a view of the river. There are many residents who jog and go for walks in the evening in this area. It looks okay although the views are spoiled by the harsh skyscrapers in your sight. It gets beautiful at night when the buildings fade into the night and it’s just city lights.



Subiaco is among of the best suburbs in Perth. It is well known for its beautiful houses with wide archways and amazing views of the river. It attracts a lot of professionals and business people. The grounds available are huge and look like they belong in a movie. It is a great area to impress and for business travel. However, it is not very practical when it comes to time-saving. It has rush hour traffic and gridlocks all the way along Stirling highway. The contrast between the houses can be stunning though with many big grand houses built next to dilapidated old housing gone to waste.



Ranked the best suburb in Perth, Melville is one of the first choices when it comes to finding great places to stay. It got its name from Melville Water, the first Lord of Admiralty. It comes highly recommended with a popular rotary market.



Another great suburb to stay in is Armadale. It tops the rental affordability list and is convenient if you want to stay for a while. The range is about $400 a week which is great for a vacation.