Why Is Search Engine Optimization Better Than PPC?

Are you taking the necessary steps to increase the search engine visibility of your business? Failing to show up on the first page for your target keywords means not letting prospective customers know about your business. You have two options to expand your search presence: search engine optimization and PPC. While these two are best used in cohesion, there is a good reason why many online marketers consider SEO to be better than PPC.


Understanding The Difference Between SEO and PPC

First, you should learn the difference between these two online marketing strategies. SEO is the method of increasing the organic ranking of your web pages, driving free traffic through search engines. Pay Per Click or PPC, meanwhile, involves purchasing ads that show up for the keywords you bid on. Each comes with its respective advantages and disadvantages, which is why it pays to try both strategies to see how they influence your business. If you understand the differences and you’re looking for SEO services in Perth WA, contact us today to find out how we can help!


Cost Effectiveness of SEO Vs PPC

The primary advantage to using local SEO is that it proves more cost-effective. In addition, it provides long-term rankings if you do everything correctly. Even though it requires time before you see your web pages climb up the rankings, you have a better chance of attracting a steady stream of targeted visitors in the foreseeable future.

Compare this to PPC where you need to bid on keywords constantly. This works well in driving traffic instantly to your web pages. This particularly helps brand new websites. But once you stop purchasing PPC ads, the flow of traffic stops as well. This is precisely why many marketers say that brands with deep pockets often generate the best results in PPC. To learn more about how organic SEO works, check out the SEO 101 section.

Better ROI With Organic SEO

As mentioned, it is worth trying both SEO and PPC as they offer different benefits for your brand. But if you want the more cost-effective option, there is no question that you will find better value in SEO. Improving the organic rankings of your website can be just what you need to build brand awareness, generate targeted leads and increase sales.