Best SEO Strategy To Rank In 2018

If you make Google happy then the traffic will continue coming to your website. If you upset Google, your hard-won following and steady Internet traffic could stop short one day. It’s never a kind tumble and has taken even the most successful professionals by surprise.

planning the SEO strategy for your website in 2018Follow these strategies to make sure Google continues to deliver traffic to your site. Chances are if you already have people coming to your site, you are doing some things right.

Uncluttered And Clean Design
The look of the site remains important even for the search engines. Have plenty of “relief” space, or visual breathing room on the site. Be sure to break up text with pictures, drawings, lists, and videos.

The site has to be well thought out to make sure that it loads quickly. It has to keep up with the always-changing ways to build websites. New technology has meant that web developers have had to stay on their toes the past 15 years.

Between the development of social media, texting, smartphones, and Youtube even, web design has been called to task. These days, it’s best to hire a designer who has the know-how to make a site that’s employing the most relevant SEO strategies in 2018. That means a site these days should have email subscription capture capabilities, blog interfaces, social media buttons while being easy on the eyes.

A good SEO strategy in 2018 includes making sure the content speaks to your visitors’ wishes, and not just how you feel like designing it. Know your customers well and make sure all content speaks to them. That way, Google will be more likely to send people your way.

These days, search engine optimization is less about finding keyword matches in your text and more about guessing at your content’s relevancy to the terms. No longer does the exact phrase have to appear in the first paragraph, in the headline, and throughout the text.

Online Footprint Builds Credibility
Another way Google decides to send traffic to your site is based on your ‘street cred’ or online credibility.

Online credibility points to how honest your site is. If people stop by your Youtube channel to watch the videos, share them, and make comments about your content, then it gives Google a clue that your business is legitimate.

When people share your blog and V-log and talk about you on Yelp!, Facebook, and on Twitter, it gives a bigger hint that your site is real and trustworthy. Keep your site’s look streamlined, and you have won 90% of the battle.