Cyber crime is a major threat to most businesses and websites. Email scams are quite common in Melbourne these days and you have probably received emails or even phone calls from people pretending to be from Microsoft asking for your personal information to fix a “security issue”.

These are not the only methods that scammers use to get access to your personal assets. They try to attack legitimate business websites with “brute force” attacks in an attempt to hack into your website and use it for their purposes. This is the most basic form of attack on the web that can easily be avoided if you install a security plugin that blocks an IP after repeated failed attempts to log in. Additionally, you must make it a point to never have generic login details for any of your websites, such as “admin”, or “password” or “welcome”

A more sophisticated method that hackers use is when they send you some sort of a pretend email that looks legitimate with a link. And of course, you’re curious so you click on the link thinking what harm could clicking a link possibly do? Well, when you click it, malware or spyware gets installed in the background without your knowledge and stays there. This means that any further activity on that computer, including your login details, gets stored by the spyware.

Precaution is the best measure to take against malware and viruses. Avoid clicking on links in emails where you do not know the sender. Make sure to report the email and mark it as Spam so all future emails from the sender will stay out of your inbox. Most of these emails are sent automatically using scraping software that crawls your website and picks up any email addresses they come across, or through the contact forms on your site. Installing Captcha (a spam capturing system) to your contact forms helps to avoid these.

If your website has been infected with malware or spyware, then call us today on 0405 173 034! Malware removal can be tricky. We specialize in virus removal Melbourne and can help make your website safe and secure again.