The functionality and speed of your website are just as important as its look and design. Issues such as slow loading speed and server errors send a very bad sign to your users as well as to Google which will affect your rankings, organic traffic, and conversions.

If your website is mainly targeted to attract an Australian audience, there is no reason why it should be hosted overseas. The closer your servers are to the physical location of your visitors, the faster your site will load and perform.

We operate and manage servers locally in Melbourne & Sydney. Contact us to find out how we can get you set up. We also do migrations for free, in case you currently have a website hosted elsewhere.

Benefits of Local Australian Web Hosting

Faster Loading Speeds

Page loading speed is a ranking signal for Google. The longer your visitors have to wait for your site to load, the more Google is likely to punish your rankings. If you are a local business and your site is mainly meant to target an Australian audience, making sure that it is hosted on Australian servers will drastically increase your page loading speed.

Local Support

Websites require maintenance. With our local support staff, you can be assured that if you are having issues with the websites, it will be resolved promptly.

Free Migrations

Frustrated with your current web hosting issues? No worries! We do free migrations and can get your site transferred to local servers in no time!